Our team at Dion Digital Design just wrapped up an eventful couple of months working on the first “International Kids Film Festival of India” also known as “IKFFI”. The event was sponsored by our client LXL Ideas. LXL Ideas, formerly EduMedia, is a platform that imparts life skills to school kids through cinema, quizzes, literary and cultural festivals. The founder of the company, Syed Sultan Ahmed strives to do the opposite of what every education company does, by bringing more focus on life skills rather than academics and marks. Through the launch of IKFFI, Sultan wanted to educate students about the fine art of cinema. We had our job cut out for us.

We were approached at the 25th hour of the event, which left us with very little time to strategize. We have to put up ideas, teams, briefs and channel this project to make this event successful.  

Why “International Kids Film Festival of India” was different among all the other Film Festivals conducted around the world.

  1. Talk about how this was different
  2. How the reach was possible
  3. How opportunities were created
  4. How there was no difference in kids from one state or country
  5. How children received exposure
  6. How Schools could all make their own IKFFI Feeling and be part of a bigger platform
  7. How YouTube Kids made this reach even bigger.

Finding the audience

The first item on our agenda was marking out a target audience. Schools, parents and educators – the basic decision makers of a child’s life. We listed out schools in major cities, principals forums, educators forums, parenting website to approach as part of our campaign. We then made sure that the event was discoverable on places reaching our target audience. IKFFI was marketed across numerous platforms such as:

  • Social media: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Linkedin – YouTube
  • Website
  • Blogs & media
  • Influencer platforms
  • Sponsors’ platforms

Strategizing the campaign

We build strategies and plans around launching campaigns, content, budgeting while maintaining the online reputation of the company.

We made use of brand related hashtags such as #lxlideas, #ikffi and #filmfestivalforkids to monitor and drive engagement among visitors. We also made sure to cross promote the various channels which helped us drive an enormous amount of traffic to each platform. Initially the hashtag #whatsIKFFIdude was used to release information about the festival to tease the targeted audience. Similar headliners are shared on social media to create a buzz around IKFFI.  After creating content that thoroughly explain what IKFFI is, we moved on to the “whys”. Why should your child be part of this film festival? The Whys of IKFFI were quite wide-ranging. We listed out various reasons how a child would benefit from watching the films beings screened at IKFFI. Touching upon topics highlighted in each film like Child safety, bullying, empathy towards others, puberty we were able to garner the interests of a large portion of our target audience.

Another important strategy we focused on was the use of influencers to promote the event. We meet numerous celebrities to explain the concept of IKKFI and the reach we had in mind across India. Video bytes of celebrities like Kalki Kochelin, Mandira Bedi, Johnny Lever, Smita Jayakar, Maria Goretti , Roshan Abbas, Tilotama Shome and other influential people such as Niranjan Pathak, Anurag Pandey, Radhika Bagdai, Rita Gangwani, Varija Bajaj, Kenny Basumatary were collected and used to promote the event on social media. This resulted in huge levels of traffic from each of these influencers towards our page. What we found out as our work progressed was that our campaigns also reached different countries around the world. We had schools across the Globe become part of IKFFI during Children’s Day 2017.

We also ran a parallel campaign for Make Cinema, a film-making competition that was also a part of IKFFI. Our web design team also created a landing page for IKFFI where the interested parties could register for the film festival. On registration, these leads or people who were interested were contacted by teams under LXL Ideas. Due to lack of time and our deadline fast approaching, although a large number of parents registered to become a part of “International Kids Film Festival of India”, their needs could not be converted since the decision-makers were principals and board of directors.

On this note: Our Offline activity included execution of videos, personal email strategy along with other tactics and numerous meetings that helped to tap into our resources in metro areas of Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Bangalore in order to spread the word about #IKFFI 2017.  

Jacob Philip, our Digital Director efficiently planned long term strategies and led various aspects of the project, from website heat mapping to financial tracking to engagement metrics. He was able to synthesize data from a variety of sources to paint a clear picture of how we could generate more traffic and where we should be investing our time, money and resources. His non-linear thinking and focus was the driving force of this campaign.

Our team members, especially Vani, Anju who were responsible for the day-to-day management and smooth operation of the project, created leading campaigns, wrote creative briefs, executing media plans and gathering real-time feedback for campaign optimization. We were able to make use of online SEO tools like Google ad words, web applications and social media campaigns.  All the content was customized to reach out to the decision-makers and invoke interest amongst various networks. Our deadline for this project was challenging yet critical.

Documenting the festival

Once the event kicked off, we began scouring the social media to find out how each school had prepared for IKFFI. Images from a large number of schools were shared to showcase their enthusiasm and excitement for the festival. We had various sources at different parts of the country who shared pictures from the event that captured the atmosphere. Jacob personally attended the inaugural event of IKFFI and was able to capture real-time reactions and opinions from the students via live stream.

Our core team of Jacob, Vani, Anju and Sneha had a great experience working with the team of LXL Ideas on the project #IKFFI 2017. Each team member provided us with support in reaching our goals. Our deadline for this project have been challenging yet critical. We know each team players on both sides had put in a lot of extra time, above and beyond the call of duty, and this has truly helped to ensure that we at “Dion Digital Design” were able to meet with our benchmarks in a timely fashion. We were so happy to see #IKFFI 2017 resulting in such a grand success. We believe that IKFFI 2018 will be the next wonder.