Actress / Spiritual Speaker & Healer

I met Jacob after working with two other companies. His experience and expertise is like no other. I know for a fact that I will be sticking to him for professional support for life! His work is remarkable. I can completely depend upon him to do the right thing with my websites and other social media platforms. I slowed down my acting career to follow my passion for spiritual work. But I needed people to know this side of Smita Jayakar. Jacob has presented me and my work to perfection. Today, he has achieved for me what I wanted to achieve as a spiritual healer and speaker.

Solomon David
Vice President – Business Development, Jubba Airways

Jubba airways , a leading Airline in the African sector , proudly holds and distributes various marketing co-lateral designed by the team at Dion Digital , headed by talented professional Línet sunny and Jacob Philip. Websites, social media to graphic design, the best we’ve worked with. Their sheer dedication and expertise has taken them a long way. We at Jubba airways wish the team a hearty success. Looking forward to working with them in the future

Marina Lobo
Owner, Bella Cakes – Dubai

I am a hobbyist cake decorator; I wanted to take this hobby to the next level, whereby I wanted to create a logo/ an identity. I was introduced to Jacob and after discussing my requirements, Jacob was fast to deliver some stunning designs to choose from. When feedback was needed, new versions of the logo or any modifications were made very quickly. I really appreciate Jacobs’s flexibility and efficiency.

He is truly a designer with attention to detail, and very understanding of your needs. Jacob has been outstanding to work with right from the first contact to after the project was completed. I will not hesitate to use his services again and I can with no doubt recommend Jacob.

Shreshtha Sawant Jayakar
Owner, Metaphor Soul Shoppe

Introducing a new concept of spiritually energized products in the market would’ve been a task had it not been for Jacob and his team. It took them just 3 days to understand the complexity of the kind of products that I design. Post that everything was taken care of so smoothly that it was almost as if Metaphor Soul Shoppe was Jacob’s own baby.

Jacob has not only shown professional support but also given a new entrepreneur like me, immense confidence. In today’s big bad money minded world there’s still a rare gem like Jacob who supports your business like his own. If you have found him I highly recommend not letting him go!

A big thank you to Jacob and his team!!

Allen David
Managing Director, Housefull Events & Exhibitions

There’s no better definition for ” one stop solution “

Dion Digital Media has been a backbone to all our digital / online support and service . From the conceptualisation of our company Logo to all our online and design activities till date has been designed by leading professionals from Dion Digital. All you need to do is give them an Idea and they get the master piece and final product done for you. With their expertise they have been able to understand every clients needs and satisfy them 100%. The team puts in their valuable time and effort not only to deliver a product but also to build a lasting relationship. Housefull Events ” design to deliver” motto has been strongly supported by the team. All our event art work and co-laterals have been done by the team at Dion Digital, and we are extremely delightful that this journey will continue for ever. Wishing the super talented and hard working team all the best or their new ventures and expansions.

” Coming together is a beginning ; keeping together is progress; working together is success . ” – Henry Ford

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Thomas Philip
CFO, Broad Vision Advertising

Jacob and linet from Dion Digital have been extremely helpful and cooperative in providing us support from their offices based in India. Their international experience and knowledge have immensely helped us in putting together many of business requirements in place. We look forward as a business to working together them on our future projects. We wish them all success in all their future endeavours.

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Nikytasha Sanyal
Director Sales – Synergy Properties, Dubai UAE

I hired Dion Digital Design to help us to integrate social media into our overall sales and marketing strategy for my previous company. They are a marketing expert with a superb level of knowledge about effective strategies that involve new social media web technologies. I liked their casual yet very focused and smart approach to capture our needs and guide us to a cost effective solution that we immediately implemented. Their creative and out of the box designs also helped my company advertisements stand out giving us more recognition in the competitive real estate market in Dubai and helped us in generating more leads and increasing our client database. I can highly recommend Dion Digital Design to make a measurable difference in your business.